How Hip Socket Works

You are different from the other vendors and consultants who come in here. … How did you find that out?! I can’t believe my people told you that! They really trust you. … You had instant credibility with my people! And that’s the most important thing. … You know guys, one thing we don’t have to fear is what Mark is saying to the owner in that closed-door meeting right now. … You make this fun! … We love it when you are here! It’s always so positive and encouraging!

– Satisfied business owners, managers and employees


Part of the process: not taking myself too seriously.

If you have been burned by hiring a consultant who just delivered a “meeting in a box” … or who caused dissension in the ranks … or who hurt more than he helped … you will appreciate what makes my process different.

  1. Listening. This isn’t off-the-shelf training. True coaching starts by listening—really listening. What are your goals? What have you tried? How is your situation unique? The answers determine the approach.
  2. Agreement. I will never move forward without a clear agreement with you on how Hip Socket will serve.
  3. Sharing and assessing. I have a knack for collecting feedback from your stakeholders and getting them excited to support our work. Tools I use: certified administration of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, custom-created workshops and practical explanations of relevant scholarly business research.
  4. Coaching. Don’t think sports coach—think stagecoach. (Read more about it here.) It’s important you hire a coach who uses an approach approved by the International Coach Federation … not a consultant who just calls himself a coach because it’s hip.
  5. Quarterly reevaluations. I have learned that clients are often uncomfortable telling a consultant that what she is doing isn’t helping. I have vowed to never put a client in that situation by asking if Hip Socket needs to change its work to continue bringing value.
  6. New tools for new opportunities. When it’s time to declare victory over our current opportunity, I will bring my two decades of experience to bear on the next opportunity. Some leading veterans of organization development mentored me. Early pioneers of coaching trained me. I’m privileged to share the models, exercises and techniques I’ve collected.

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