Who is this guy?


Since 1999, I’ve served Fortune 100 firms and small businesses:

  • find, keep and motivate the best employees
  • engineer experiences that turn customers into loyal fans of their business.


Certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

How? I come alive learning about your organization, building trust at all levels, understanding what makes them tick … and most importantly, loving on the individuals involved.

Why love? Because every single client is fascinating, filled with colorful characters to learn from. And because every single client has dysfunction. I know plenty about that and approach my clients with the same grace God extends to me.

That love shows up in my observations as a curious outsider, appreciating what’s working. Often it involves one-on-one coaching. I encourage and challenge clients to take action so they make progress after every interaction with me.

That kind of love gets results. I’ve witnessed:

  • A manager who more effectively connects with and inspires his team
  • A direct report who has something click, taking her to higher levels of responsibility and engagement
  • An entire team experiencing understanding, camaraderie and success like never before.
  • Employee retention
  • Customer engagement
  • “Headache reduction.”

Click here to investigate if the Hip Socket approach is right for you. And click here for a free professional life assessment.

Certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®


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Part of the CEATH Company network


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