Horn Sections Make Rock Better: Yeh, Yeh

Incredibly sad news: John F. of They Might Be Giants is now the bedridden victim of a t-bone car crash. It happened on the way home from their Bowery Ballroom show–the start of their first tour since the pandemic.

Doubly sad news: That means we won’t get a tour “with unplayed new songs in the works and rearrangements of older material with the horn section.” Gah!

This is not the time for either of the following songs.

  • AKA Driver,” which I recall was to be called “NyQuil Driver” until the owner of the trademark decided they didn’t want the product mentioned in a song about driving under the influence of cough medicine …
  • The End of the Tour,” which is about a car crash and oh wow the end of a tour is in the title?

Instead, let’s keep it happy. Here’s a 1960s Latin gem they covered years back. It’s from one of their best albums, in my opinion. Godspeed, John F.

They Might Be Giants: “Yeh, Yeh”