Selling used cars: serious roadblocks, clever solutions

Automotive News periodically creates great videos showing how a dealership solved a problem. Even if you’re not in automotive, this is a good one.

used car problem solving
I wonder where my old Malibu LTZ is? How many miles does it have, and how much is it worth?

Like many dealerships, Chuck Anderson Ford is small, with new-vehicle inventory low and used-vehicle costs skyrocketing.

Also like many stores, the dealership wrestles with buying a used car and getting it reconditioned by its Service staff in a timely manner–every delay decreasing the potential profit.

Several things to note as you watch:

Solving the problem started with research. Why did they have a delay? (You can hear whiffs of Toyota five why’s technique, and some good old-fashioned measuring.)

The research showed the answer was not, “My people are lazy” or “My people just need to step up.”

Pay plans helped solve the problem–but not just by throwing money at people to increase production. Instead the pay plans made it clear what was the goal (and the pay plans were achievable!).

And finally, coming up with this solution involved multiple roles and multiple departments. There was coordination here between advisors and techs, Service and Marketing, etc. Imagine the employee engagement needed to have all parties agree to proceed with the changes.

I hope this encourages you to tackle a problem for your organization. Contact me if you need help with facilitating that.

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