You Are More than Four Letters: Myers-Briggs® with Teams


  • Gain greater awareness of yourself.
  • Understand your team—and help your team understand you.
  • Identify opportunities for your team to ensure all types of thinking are taken advantage of.
  • Create plans for your team to improve communication, have effective conflict and manage change.

Myers-Briggs® is the world’s best-known personality assessment. It has helped millions around the world gain research-confirmed insights into how they prefer to think and interact with others.

It is trusted because it is easy to grasp (just four letters) and thought-provoking (Stephen Colbert took the assessment on a 2015 episode of The Late Show).

You’ve probably heard of Myers-Briggs and might “know your letters” (I’m an ENFJ). But if you haven’t been through Myers-Briggs with a trained expert, you are in for an eye-opening experience.

I’m a trained coach certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. I can explain why the assessment does not tell you you are “half introvert, half extrovert.” And why it does not tell you you have changed from Thinking to Feeling.

If your experience with Myers-Briggs® involves taking a Facebook survey to find out which Star Wars character your Myers-Briggs® type matches, you will be amazed at the understanding the official assessment can give you about yourself and your team.

And it will give your team insight into you. When understanding increases, teams can take action to improve.

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