Let Your Values Compete: Strategic Planning to Maximize Organizational Effectiveness

  • Make your organization more effective in achieving its goals.
  • Gain clarity about who on your team champions certain key values.
  • Identify opportunities for your team to honor other key values that are essential to organizational success.

Psychologists and researchers have been studying what makes organizations effective for decades. Recent studies have locked in on four values that must be honored for any organization to reach its full potential.

Here’s the catch: The values are in competition with each other—for resources, budgets and the attention of leadership. How can an organization focus on all the values needed to be successful?

I’m a trained facilitator and coach. I help your team handle this challenge with an engaging presentation, plus an exercise to clarify who values what on your team.

By the time our work is done, you’ll have developed actionable goals to tackle, with my services available to ensure you get from here to there.

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