Do customers trust machines over people?

The article’s title ought to give us pause: “People put more faith in computers than other humans.” I know of a pilot project where automotive service departments set up kiosks for customers to use as an alternative to talking to a professional service advisor. The kiosk outsold the humans. Perhaps people trusted that professionals programmed the kiosk to know exactly …

Too many choices

Have you wasted an evening trying to choose which of the 2.3 million options you will watch on your streaming video service? Have you seen your customers go through the same paralysis? This article explains why it is happening. How could you lower customer “distress and confusion?”

Trust: Old Lessons for a New World

Are you trying to set sales appointments with online leads? Talk to vendors or partners over the phone? Videoconference with employees? This article is packed with practical insights for any of us who are trying to build trust remotely. The author–a trust specialist–makes a point that we’ve been doing this already in a number of ways.

Engineered customer experience: Walk matching talk

Engineered customer experience I work with Soft Shoe, a phenomenal store in Richmond, Ky. that takes customer experience seriously. (That’s why its Facebook page has almost 34,000 likes!) We ended up partnering after the owner and I were geeking out about the following engineered customer experience I had: In 2015, a client recommended I visit Unger’s Shoe Store in Ironton, …

Serving customers while masked

It runs counter to everything we’ve been taught about face-to-face communication. But here we are, serving customers and employees during a pandemic. Harvard Business Review has some great pointers on building rapport while wearing a mask. I realized I was guilty of at least one of these. Which one is your biggest opportunity?

retail management

Retail management: Educate the Idiots

Retail management is tougher than customers think. Having said that: “You’ve got to educate the idiots.” That’s what a business owner told me when I asked about his independent vintage clothing shop. His struggle in retail management: keeping customers out of malls and big-box retailers, patronizing his shop instead. If they bought from him, they could shop local! Have an …