Horn Sections Make Rock Better: Not the One

Something I didn’t know I’d be doing as a dad is watching the same movie three times in a two-week period. And I know from some of you that I got off easy. Anyway, from the movie “The Bad Guys,” I discovered the Heavy. You’ve heard their music in soundtracks, etc., too.

Horn Sections Make Rock Better: The Devil Is Bad

I have an aversion to “contemporary Christian music” (it’s a personal problem; I’m praying about it). This one is fun. Posted in honor of my younger brothers, who thought this band was the bee’s knees while their eldest brother was away at college falling in love with the Squirrel Nut Zippers

Horn Sections Make Rock Better: Skin Trade

I’m unclear why I haven’t featured “Notorious” yet on this weekly reminder that horn sections make rock better. I love that song. Still, from the same album, I give you Duran Duran. Some DD members also had a side project with Chic in The Power Station–lots of horn there, too.