Use all five senses to brand your environment

I recently worked with a high-end luxury sales professional who had a signature scent.

He smelled of exotic oils … and tobacco. It was unique, pleasant and “heavy.” By that I mean it came across as a serious scent. It said, “This guy is wise to the world. He knows what he’s talking about.”

A lot of customers agreed and bought cars from him.

Before the pandemic, my county had a clothing and gift boutique called Twine. The owner thought of everything. She would offer a refreshing drink as you shopped. Everything on display was a natural, muted color palate–mainly white. The music was almost ambient, quiet enough to allow conversation.

Twine during a Thurby party (look it up if you’re not a Kentuckian).
(And don’t tell my beautiful wife she’s in this shot.)

Twine’s vibe, to use the owner’s words: “kind of chill, contemporary.” Relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. It was fun to be there and see what she had brought in on her trips gathering imports.

And yes, it had a signature scent too. I still have a candle of it, in fact.

I’m not the only one holding on to one of those candles. Lots of locals miss Twine.

Despite the lockdown taking out the business, the owner regularly receives requests to reopen.

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What would it take for your team to engineer your customer experience for all five senses?