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What My Clients Think

I met Mark Ramsay in June of 2013. He was advising our dealership and trying to get a team that had been beaten down emotionally to excel and see their true potential. As the new General Sales Manager, I realized that without help from a professional team builder, this team would be lost. Mark’s insight into what makes people tick and his ability to question his way to the “why” behind a person is phenomenal. Mark genuinely cares about the people that he consults, and all that work with him can feel that when he is around. Fast forward 3 years, I have been promoted to General Manager and most of the original management team is still intact. However, instead of a beaten down, “woe is me” attitude, they all have the attitude that breeds success. We are looking toward the future and are proud to work where we do. Was it all because of Mark? No. However his guidance on the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, his attention to the nuances that were occurring that could become a pitfall, and his occasional E-mails and calls to give us interesting articles and encouragement were a large part of the formula. Mark has helped me to create a culture at my dealership that I can be proud of, and we are much more successful today because of his insight.

Andy Buck, General Manager
Montgomery Lincoln

I would highly recommend Mark Ramsay. His program allowed us to take a step back and look at our business from a customer viewpoint.  Mark was able to take a look at our processes and the things we do well, to help us expound on them.  The areas where we were weak were pointed out in a constructive way, and there was subsequent plan in place to help us find the best way of addressing them.  This was different from any outside consulting that we have experienced.  Mark didn’t provide a plan he thought was best, he used our strengths to help lead us to the right answer that made sense for us and our dealership processes.

Dave Everett, General Manager and Partner,
Ray Skillman Ford Hyundai and Ray Skillman Hoosier Ford

I wanted to take a minute to say “Thank you” for all your help in creating a culture that is about the team.  My staff and I tackled many everyday problems that threatened the team culture and learned how to address these issues going forward. We could not have tackled these issues without your expertise and guidance.

We have embraced employee involvement and input on departmental decisions over the last few years. Getting input and buy-in has proved to be a key asset in moving us closer to our goals. This team involvement has lead to a team atmosphere.  Some of these success stories are pretty heartwarming. The other day two technicians gave up  their $100 reward from Ford they received as technicians and decided to put that money towards a group cookout. Their only request was they get steak and everyone else gets the hot dogs and hamburgers. These and many other stories exist on a regular basis at this point.

Our sales continue to climb and the ability to work together as a team is on the rise as well. I believe teamwork and increased sales and CSI go hand in hand, and I owe these successes  to Mark and his coaching.

Steve Reichert, General Manager and Partner
Northgate Ford

Mark Harrison Ramsay spent 3 years with our dealerships as an outside consultant.  He made quarterly visits to our stores.  During this time he engaged with our employees while working on enhancing the employee/customer experience.  He was able to relate to our staff at all levels, from upper management to cashiers and porters and detailers and everyone in between.  He came to every visit prepared to teach us new techniques in dealing with employee and/or customer situations and how to handle them in the most effective ways.  He used team building projects to help us engage our employees in creating a more productive environment.  He taught us techniques we currently use to break down issues and build processes to improve them.

Mark brought his years of experience to our store to help make us operate in a more efficient manner.  Our employees raved about his personality, his professionalism and his results.  I would highly recommend Mark Harrison Ramsay as a consultant when working on your business process improvement.

Mary Beth Culbertson, Controller and Owner,
Bob-Boyd Auto Family

We are so blessed to have had you as a coach and now a friend.

Bill Skillman, Owner
Ray Skillman Ford Hyundai and Ray Skillman Hoosier Ford

I engaged Mark as part of a team to provide consultative guidance in developing an effective, measurable process for managing New Product Development (NPD) projects in our Engineering Department.  Mark and his partner engaged a cross-functional team with representatives from all areas that are involved directly or indirectly with NPD projects.  Using a collaborative approach with this group, they facilitated a needs analysis followed by a process design followed by implementation of the new Dwyer Effective Engineering Process (DEEP). …

The DEEP process drove more and better communications and measurements of KPI’s on each project.  We were very pleased with the project outcomes, application and effectiveness of the DEEP process for NPD.  Mark was a very organized, thorough and effective leader, coach and facilitator.  He was able to quickly engage an initially tough audience to radically change their mindset and paradigms around designing and developing new products.

Thomas Alexander, Director of Human Resources

I just wanted to personally thank you for the great coaching job you have done for us at Jack Kain Ford. With your help we have now created a culture that is built on teamwork and camaraderie. Our managers seem to have a newfound respect and trust for one another and seem to actually care for each other. Instead of looking for ways to drag each other down in the managers meetings, they are now encouraging one another and coming up with real solutions. I am especially happy with the Dealership Improvement Committee you helped us form. They meet bi-weekly and come up with great ideas that have helped us improve processes and efficiency as well as employee and customer satisfaction. We actually look forward to your visits and enjoy the warmth that you bring to our dealership. Thanks again for all that you have done to contribute to the success of Jack Kain Ford.

Bob Kain, General Manager
Jack Kain Ford