Are you a zombie company?

Are you having trouble hiring? Is it because you’re a zombie company?

This post from Bloomberg is incendiary (scroll down to “And finally, here’s what Joe’s interested in this morning”). The basic argument is that there is a belief that some companies are kept alive only because of government help that makes their financing, resources, etc. cheaper. If they had to actually compete, they wouldn’t make it. Zombie companies.

Bloomberg wonders if that is what is happening with the job market. In having to compete for employees, are some companies revealing themselves as kept alive only by cheap labor?

Before you take offense, consider that “cheap” is a relative term.

I have known companies that did not treat their employees well. As a result, they had to pay higher wages to keep them!

Conversely, I have known companies so good at engaging their employees that they never had to pay top wages. They were the destination employer in town. And their employees tended to work harder–not just with head and hands but with heart.

Which employer are you?

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