Socrates on feedback

My translation of Plato’s Republic includes the Cleitophon, a tiny little document that scholars doubt was written by Plato. But it is a dialogue like many of Plato’s works, and it reads as a reaction to the Republic. The student, Cleitophon, has questions and concerns about the teachings of Socrates.

We talk about feedback (including in podcast form) quite a lot at Hip Socket.

You don’t need background, ancient or modern, to appreciate what the Cleitophon has Socrates say in response to this student who questions him.

It would be shocking of me not to submit to your critique, when you’re so keen to do me this favor. I call it a favor because, obviously, once I’m aware of my good and bad aspects, I’ll do my best to cultivate and pursue the good aspects and avoid the bad ones.

May we all be that open. And may our teams feel safe enough to give it to each other.