Do customers trust machines over people?

The article’s title ought to give us pause: “People put more faith in computers than other humans.”

I know of a pilot project where automotive service departments set up kiosks for customers to use as an alternative to talking to a professional service advisor.

The kiosk outsold the humans.

How is working with you and your team better than going to Amazon?
A Soft Shoe employee a few years back helping my youngest

Perhaps people trusted that professionals programmed the kiosk to know exactly what services the factory recommended for each model and mileage. Perhaps employees had gotten into routines where they weren’t recommending those services.

I serve a shoe store that has made a name for itself by offering what big websites can’t: incredibly sophisticated foot scanning (which is the machine part) coupled to expert advice on fit and an emphasis on customer service (which is the human part). Customers now come in specifically asking for that help.

Some day there will be an algorithm offering fit advice that is “just as good.” But it won’t be nearly as kind and helpful as the folks at Soft Shoe.

It all begs the question: How is working with you and your team better than, say, going to Amazon?

If you’re looking for a good employee meeting (more help on our Resources page), there’s your prompt.

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