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Customer experience: What is your “Bullseye?”

Most of my clients focus on their customer experience. So my radar is always up. Case in point:

Recently my wife and kids joined me on the road. We visited Unger’s Shoe Store in Ironton, Ohio to buy shoes for our two oldest.

Why? Because of the exceptional customer service I received on my last visit. (Click here for a picture album that explains how exceptional it was.)

This time … our sales consultant Megan measured both of my daughter’s feet. (They’re still growing, so they need to know which is bigger.)

… She brought out lots of samples to “test-drive.” (Each brand runs small or large, and she knew which was which for the many brands they sold.)

Because of her expertise, we quickly decided on a pair.

… And then, a truly exceptional customer experience moment. She said, “Before you check out, let’s get our owner to make sure the fit is right. We do that for all our kids.”


So Mr. Unger came over and oohed and ahhed over the kids. He felt the toe, felt the heel and said, “Bullseye! Perfect fit! Nice job, Megan! Guys, you’re going to love these shoes.”

I’ve never had a shoe store double-check the measurement. It didn’t cost them anything but about 30 seconds of effort.

And you know what? After he walked away, my wife said, “You know, feet change because of pregnancy. Maybe I should get re-measured?”

… And 15 minutes later, after we bought her some sandals: “Your mom ought to come here and buy some shoes.”

Seems like that’s exactly what Mr. Unger wants to hear.

Getting intentional about customer experience

So if the goal of engaging your customers is to build loyalty and advocacy … Unger’s does it in one visit. And they do it all with a tiny customer experience moment that doesn’t cost any money—just a little bit of time, and a staff who bought in to the vision.

Ready to take the next step getting your employees to buy in? Ready to engineer a “signature” customer experience at your business? I’m an expert in helping teams wrestle through these opportunities. Contact me for a complementary discovery session.